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       Divorce and Family Law is an all-encompassing label which includes dissolution (divorce), adoption, child custody and maintenance (spousal and dependent). Divorces, especially when children are involved, are often very stressful situations. When choosing an attorney, it is important that the attorney also be a counselor at law. In other words, someone who will help guide a person through the process, all the while emphasizing that the pain and stress does not end with the final decree but lasts years and years beyond. It is just as important that spouses and ex-spouses learn how to problem solve, how to compromise, and how to be flexible within the confines of the final orders. In cases where children are involved, it is of utmost importance to minimize the trauma on the children so that they can once again thrive. Mr. James firmly believes that steps can be taken to further these goals. Of course every situation is different and if there is cause, such as abuse or abandonment, protective steps need to be taken Mr. James is experienced with protection orders, social services involvement, and domestic violence cases. Therefore, when necessary, he can also advise the correct actions in those types of cases as well.
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